Drive With Confidence $250 Promise

Drive with Confidence

Lock Out Service

Assistance will be provided in unlocking your vehicle when keys are lost or locked inside.*

Jump Start

Our service provider will jump start your vehicle in the event that your battery becomes discharged.*


Your vehicle will be towed to the nearest qualified repair facility or the repair facility of your choice.*

2 Day Car Rental

You may be eligible for Rental Car benefits if your vehicle cannot be repaired the same day due to circumstances beyond your control for up to 2 days at a $40.00 per day.*

Fluid Service Delivery

An emergency supply of gasoline (where permitted), oil, fluid and water will be delivered to your vehicle. You must pay for the costs of the actual fluids delivered.*

Flat Tire Changing Assistance

Assistance will be provided for the installation of your useable spare tire.*

$250 Promise

The $250 Promise applies to any valid Tire Pros warranty claims in which the covered vehicle becomes disabled or is rendered undriveable as a result of a condition covered under the warranty. In the event that a covered vehicle becomes disabled and Tire Pros cannot refer the warranty holder to a location less than 25 miles from the location of the disabled vehicle, the warranty holder will be awarded payment by check (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery) of $250, provided all claims guidelines, as detailed below are followed.

- In order for a $250 Promise claim to be honored, the claim must be made and approved at the time as a valid Tire Pros warranty claim is approved

- Original warranty holder must complete a claim form and supply all supporting documentation within 30 days of the date of claim

- See store for details